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Here an attempt at a preliminary questionnaire: InterGeo:UserQuestionnaire1

Here is the final survey in English ou en français

Deadline for answering the survey: 1st of October 2006. Please help!

Here is the Media:PartB.sxw Media:PartB.pdf where the work is done.

Here is the Calc work sheet for the work packages: Media:WPCalc.sxc

Here is the Calc work sheet for the existing resources: Media:Resources.sxc Each software has a tab where you are supposed to list URL where we can find on-line resources, you should state how many there are there and for which level of use (4 age groups). It is a coarse list, we will refine later on. It's simply to state meaningful figures in the proposal, it is not the actual final set of resources. These numbers are then compiled on the first sheet, which is the only one I will actually copy/paste in the proposal I think.

You can download openOffice from their website.

Work on the state of the art on a wiki page has ceased please proceed inside the PartB document. ----

The Electronic Proposal Submission System is now closed. You should have received by email your login information (login: FU8UAEVZ5L ). Please contact if it's not the case.


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