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These videos demonstrate most of the DrGeo features: basic manipulations, simple construction, use of the advanced integrated programming tools.

Note: In some video, halo are used, to show a halo surrounding graphic elements of the user interface, depending on your platform you need to press the right mouse button, or combination of key like Alt+clic. See Squeak, un Smalltalk libre multimédia.

Starting with Dr. Geo II

In the following video, I show basic operations with DrGeo.

Basic tools

Point tools

Curve tools

Transformation tools

Numeric tools

Other tools

Advanced tools


Smalltalk programmed figure

It is a progressive collection of screencasts. You should view all once in the listed order bellow.

Smalltalk script

Misc examples

Several misc examples of use can be view at Beware these screencasts are based on earlier version of DrGeoII and the video quality may not be as good as the previous ones.

Technical note

If you want to collaborate on that page, just write to, I create an account for you.

The video are encoded with the maximum quality, at a screen resolution not higher to the PAL DVD format (720x576). However it can be at a lower screen resolution.

To produce the screencast, I use recordmydesktop with the maximum video quality at 8 fps and no sound:

recordmydesktop --no-sound --windowid 0x3800002 --fps 8 -o 003-advanced-record-in-menu

With some of these screencasts we produced a video clip presenting Dr. Geo II.

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