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Building spherical shapes

Its only necessary to have, inside the circle, a gradient color going from a dark tint to a light tint, to create, immediately, an effect of volume without make a group of shapes like for the cube.


  • Pass, with the MENU of the white handle of circles, by options FILL STYLE and GRADIENT COLOR.
  • They create some categories of lighting of volumes in the space.
  • Their orientation is horizontal by default

Orientations of the zone of separation

There are 2 types of repartitions between light and dark tints.

1 - The frontier of separation is distributed on the entire surface , in a direction or another. The light source is distant like in the case of the sun.

2 – Another category of lighting is to have a near source illuminating a located point. The zone of separation between light and dark is radiating in all the directions. (it is like a billiard ball lighted by a candle).


Volumes of curve polygon

  • The same categories of volumes are found inside the CURVE POLYGONE.



Irregularities of the border of the sphere

  • The border surrounding the circle can have irregularities when the shape is passing to relief.
  • If you remove border (STYLE of the BORDER – LENGHT of the BORDER) this inconvenient disappear.
  • But, sometimes, this inconvenient persists. Put a ring on the periphery, with the painting machine and use of the BUCKETT.
  • When you return on WOrld screen, the circle cannot modify its colors.



Creations with spheroid shapes

From the sphere

You can stack, superpose them directly with green handles or with another manner and then, make screenshots..


  • You can fractionate them with screenshots and invent original groupings.


Creation with ellipses

  • You choose lighting for an ellipse and you duplicate and transform it with handles to obtain elements to create different shapes by superposing them.



If you use of transparency and of superposition of gradient circles, you can have surprising results. .


Curve polygon

They have gradient colors like circles, but, with their HANDLES of MANIPULATIONS, they can vary their shapes.


To Complete drawings

  • If you have a very ordinary drawing, you can enrich it with spherical details. But you must make a COMING AND GOING between the 2 screens.


Many combinations can be found.

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