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Download the project: V-toys for OLPC

You can down load the project from Squeakland's [showcase].

Driving a car, V-toys version.


Example of visual language for documentation

How to build a worm and connect it to a joystick.


  1. Click on the box in the green flap.
  2. Drag an ellipse into the world.
  3. Drag yellow handle to ...
  4. Get fig. 4 's shape.
  5. Click on the box in the green flap.
  6. Drag an ellipse into the world.
  7. Click purple handle.
  8. Choose colour.
  9. Drag yellow handle to ...
  10. Get fig. 4 's shape.
  11. Click red handle.
  12. Click embeded ...
  13. and click Ellipse
  14. Drag joystick tile from v-toys flap into World
  15. Connect joystick's designator to your worm

V-toys Challenge For novices

This project is the same tutorial than Etoys Challenge For novices included in the gallery of project but for V-toys.

You can compare Etoys and V-toys on the same topics.

(I hope that authors of the original project will like this use of their work, I have'nt found a way to contact them)


  • Drag the needed tiles in the script's holder.
  • Click on exclamation marks to start or stop the script.

Download the project: V-toys Challenge


For more, see. http://community.ofset.org/wiki/V-toys.

and Pistes utilisation Etoys

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