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Freeduc-CD is a collection of Free Live-CDs with GNU/Linux and educational applications.

Freeduc-CDs are cooked for the classroom, and use XFCE as window manager.

You can download them and use them.

For more information, if you need help or have questions, you can subscribe to Freeduc public mailing-list

If you feel the need for another version please contact us ( freeduc AT THE SERVER ofset DOT org) and consider joining OFSET!

Related Freeduc-cd projects are:

And now on: Freeduc-USB

Bootable USB sticks are increasingly used in various contexts; See Chao-Kuei Hung's article; Freeduc-CD can, must evolve into the project Freeduc-USB

External links to other Live-CD projects (free software only)

A comparative review for LiveCDs in general

A list for german-speaking CDs

Link to a French project (social animation)

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