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==Test maths==
<math>x + 2</math>
==Test uploads==
==Others tests==

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The OFSET collaborative portal

"...because collaboration is the path to success in free software for education"

Welcome to the OFSET collaborative portal. OFSET is a community of volunteers willing to develop and to enhance free software for education. The success of free software in education can be achieved by an open and frank collaboration between teachers, software developers, translators and authors. Therefore we are proposing this portal as a central point where exchanges can take place in any suited forms. Please keep reading the following sections and come back to collaborate.


Freeduc-cd is a GNU/Linux distribution which can be used without installation. It is specifically dedicated to the world of education and it enables an easy introduction for stakeholders of education to the 40 free software packages included on the cd-rom. Freeduc-doc is its sister project related to introductive documentation about the software. Read more.


Freeduc-doc is the sister project of Freeduc-cd. Proposing free software to educators is good, providing as well introductions to these free software is even better, this is the aim of this project. We need authors, translators and reviewers to keep going in this project. Read more.


Debian-edu is the official Debian project to provide a global solution to schools ICT infrastructure.

French: Debian-edu est le projet officiel de Debian pour fournir une solution logicielle globale d'informatisation d'un établissement scolaire. Nous proposons dans les pages suivantes l'espace francophone de collaboration autour de Debian-Edu. Lire la suite.


Promoting free software in education is wise, developing and contributing to such free software is even better. This is what we have been doing since several years. Writing quality free software required years of hard work, therefore collaboration is the only way to sustain and improve such efforts. Read more.

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